How to prepare for Bariatric Surgery

Diary and cup of coffeeTo achieve the best outcome for your procedure there are a number of ways you can prepare prior bariatric surgery to improve the chances of a speedy recovery.

·         Have support. We give you a lot of information at your appointments so it is worth bringing another set of ears to help you remember everything. A friend or family member that will be with you during the recovery weeks is ideal.

·         Lifestyle. Stop smoking, reduce your alcohol, lose weight and exercise more. These are things we are ALL aware of and often struggle with. This will be something we will/would have spoken about but here is a link to another blog with more information.

·         Plan. You will need a few weeks rest following bariatric surgery, so book time off work, hire a cleaner, organise a rota with friends and family to look after the kids or walk the dog.

·         Prepare.  We will have advised you on what you might feel like eating in the first few weeks so make sure your fridge is stocked up with those foods. Any of the ‘bad’ food that you won’t be wanting as a temptation- give away to your local food bank!

·         Talk. Make sure you talk to us whilst you are in our care, we are here to help you through so whatever you are worried about, make sure you talk it through with us. We are here to help.

Never worry though because you are not alone, we will discuss with you at your appointments everything that you need to know. You will be provided with leaflets and advice relating to your surgery that also have the contact numbers you need for our team. Our team also includes the invaluable support from Lisa and Kath, our dietician and nurse who will meet with you before and after your procedure.