Which Procedure Is Right For Me?

Blue plate containing the words 'weight loss'.As you will know, there are a number of different procedures which are available to help you with weight loss, and choosing which is the best for you is not always easy. It does help if you have a look at the videos explaining how the procedures are done and of course, you may already have spoken to friends, family or your GP about the options. However, not every procedure is best for everyone, and that is why you would need to see one of the Optimise Weight Loss surgeons who will find out more about your personal aims and priorities as well as your medical history. You would need to decide whether you are looking for a short/medium term weight loss solution, e.g. to help you lose weight for an important occasion or to improve your health for elective surgery, or if you would prefer to have a long term solution (weight loss operation) which would require a lifelong holistic approach.

As there are advantages and drawbacks to all procedures, it is very important to make the right choices in partnership with the Optimise Weight Loss team. You will have the opportunity to discuss all the available procedures with your surgeon, though you must bear in mind that you may not be suitable for every option, particularly if you take certain medications or have had major abdominal surgery in the past.